Borek outdoor furniture

I designed this luxurious armchair for BOREK. The Coimbra series consists of an armchair, ottoman and sofa

Collaboration with BOREK

This collection called Coimbra is characterized by its open structure and the combination of teak with coated stainless steel. This combination feels warm and accessible, partly due to the comfortable high-quality cushions placed on the models. The teak is easy to maintain with the Borek Teak Cleaner and then with the Borek Teak Protector. The low sofa in combination with the low armchair is a beautiful composition. The footstool can be placed in front of either the low armchair or the low sofa.


The combination of teak, coated stainless steel and thick high-quality cushions gives this collection a sleek appearance but also a soft, comfortable seat.

It is precisely the tension of the contrasts between "hard and soft", "warm and cold", and "airy and solid" that complete this armchair and sofa.

About this project:

Starting point:

Borek gave me free rein to design various new collections.

Co-operation with:




My job:

- Design
- Presentation drawings
- Dimensions