For the sad appearance of the HAKA building in Rotterdam, I was looking for an object to compliment this feeling.

Designed for Object

Each piece is made by hand and has a unique look that fits perfectly with a cool interior or shop design. The wooden compartments not only provide functional storage space, but also create a striking and elegant presentation for your most treasured objects. ⁠

Are you interested in these cabinets or customization? send an email for the possibilities. ⁠


I had never welded before, but I just got started here. With quite a bit of "trial and error" I achieved a good result.

About this project:

Starting point:

Displays for the presentation during object Rotterdam 23 that can stand alone.

in collaboration with:

Ignore Amsterdam - Julien van Hassel

The floating seat and long profile-shaped rear legs make this chair beautiful in every detail. A sleek minimalist design that is very comfortable due to the upholstered seat and backrest.


Collaboration with Ignore


The shift is tailor-made in the Netherlands and can be put together entirely according to your wishes. The chair can be ordered with or without armrest and is available in different fabrics and colors. You can choose from fabrics from Facet, Kvadrat and Vescom. The frame is made of black powder-coated steel.


This design has its origins in the search for an accessible design, where the aim was to go beyond the traditional round or square profiles. It was a challenge to create a fresh and unconventional aesthetic, without compromising accessibility and comfort.

My job:

- Design
- Presentation drawings
- Dimensions
- Detailing


Object Rotterdam 2023


Floris Zuidema