Design of a stool/side table and bar stool.

Who am I?

This stool is the first thing I designed when I started my own business. In the years before that I was always employed and I had to think about designing well for others. For me, this stool was a search for who I am now as a designer. free from form and material.

A modern stool that looks sleek and recognizable, but above all, feasible. With the aim of manufacturing the stool itself without welding. Simply because I can't do that.

About this project:

starting point:

Creating a product to show who I am and what I can do as a designer.

Co-operation with:

I am still looking for a licensing partner for this product.

my job:

- Design
- Dimensions
- models




detached: Studio247
Atmospheric photos: Floris Zuidema
Workshop: Floris Zuidema