Product Designer and maker with a passion for form and technology. I have always had a love for technology. As a child I was always making things or taking them apart to see how they worked. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to design and make products. That is why I also started a technical study in 'Product design & engineering' at the HU.

"I think the great thing about design is creating something tangible that once started as an idea."

I like to sketch and come up with new ideas. While sketching, I look for new shapes that feel good, I just draw a bit to get ideas or look for that one detail that gives the product what it needs and adds some character.

I then translate this into a 3D CAD model in SolidWorks and let the computer do its work. That translation from idea to product is what I am good at. And then it really gives a huge “kick” when you have come up with a chair or table where people live and where memories are created. For me, a design is successful if it makes the client, manufacturer and end user happy. And all this with minimal impact on the environment.

Let's see what we can do for each other.